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Are you an interpretation agency?

Have your company represent your city
and boost your business.

Reach thousands</br>of clients globally

Reach thousands
of clients globally

By featuring your ​Company Page on our platform,
you’ll soon discover how many clients you’ve
missed in your area.

Reach thousands</br>of clients globally

Save Big on Fees.
Save More in Lounge.

With a premium plan, have the privilege to hire eQQui interpreters
at only a 3% surcharge, not the 12.9% paid by regular users.
All approved agencies can save unlimited number of interpreters in their Lounge.

Privilege - Two agencies per MAJOR city

Only two agencies will be featured in each MAJOR city.
Creating a healthy interpreting community is our utmost mission.

​10 minutes to get <br/>a free trial <br/>for 3 months

​10 minutes to get
a free trial
for 3 months

The application can take about 10 minutes. If the slot is vacant
in your city, you can grab it free for three months upon approval.
Don’t let this luck pass down to others!

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Check for availability

Please select the country and city where you wish to be listed.​


The slot is open.

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Free for three months!

Seoul in Republic Korea

Free trial will begin upon approval of your application.

Reserve your privilege

Reserve your privilege

The requested slot is already in use and will be available starting
To reserve it now, please select a plan.

Remember, there are only two slots in each major city. Grab this chance before others do

Seoul in Republic Korea

That location is already occupied.

However, when you fill out this form, you’ll be immediately notified when this slot opens.

Seoul in Republic Korea

Extend your privilege?

Select a service plan to secure your benefits and presence in your city.


Your company profile will top the search pages for your city. Get unlimited number of invitations to your Lounge.


Hire eQQui interpreters at a 3% surcharge instead of 12.9%. Enjoy all the benefits of a Business Plan.

Add 3 months

USD200 Unavailable right now

Add 3 months
+ Service fee free booking

USD400 Unavailable right now

Add 6 months

USD300 (25% discount)
Unavailable right now

Add 6 months
+ Service fee free booking

USD600 (25% discount)
Unavailable right now

Add 12 months

USD480 (40% discount)
Unavailable right now

Add 12 months
+ Service fee free booking

USD960 (40% discount)
Unavailable right now

I’ll decide later.

Give me the free trial only.


I agree that my slot can be taken by another applicant upon trial expiration.

No Yes


Please fill out the form. Your company should be physically located in the city. Free trial will begin upon the approval of your application.

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We've changed!
For the better.

eQQui strives to adapt to what our interpreters and clients want.
And throughout the years, we've learned that we share one common desire to be free. Here, we believe in freedom — to search, choose, and work in ways that best serve our purpose.

To show our commitment to this belief, we have removed a major barrier among users — payment. As a client, you can now directly hire and pay without service charges. As an interpreter, you can now get paid without any deductions. Transact directly for a project and it's absolutely free!

Indeed, eQQui encourages you to exercise good judgment in using this platform. And as always, we're here when you need the backing of a trustworthy company. You still have the option to hire us as one of the many interpretation agents you may meet in this community.

So please revisit your eQQui profile, or make your account today. By using our freedoms responsibly, together, we can make this a better world.